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The Korea Hapkido Federation is a world organization founded and located in South Korea. Hapkido is a
globally respected martial art that was developed in the early 20 th century and has been growing in
popularity over the decades. The Federation is lead by President Oh Se Lim who has been instrumental
in the art’s growth and respect around the world. His message has been one of inclusiveness, unity and
humanity. He continues to encourage all Hapkido practitioners to work together as one united mind.
The value of Hapkido is not only in its effective system of self-defense but also in the personal growth of
the practitioner. The improved balance of mind, body and spirit leads to a better member of society and
a more valued community member. We are blessed to have Grandmasters around the world who teach
and promote the art and it’s ideals. is dedicated to being a source of community and unity for the all Hapkido
practitioners, instructors and school owners. You will find resources here to support your Hapkido
whatever level of the art you have achieved in your pursuit of excellence. The website will continue to
improve and to be a hub for communication, education and support. The Federation is committed to
supporting the continued growth of Hapkido in the present and far into the future.
Please visit us often and take advantage of the resources available here. While we are blessed to still
have original Grandmasters around to teach and guide us, they will not be around forever. It is
incumbent on the younger leadership to continue the founders’ mission and retain the entirety of this
special martial art. We wish you continued growth on your journey.
Thomas Bernard
Chairman Korea Hapkido Federation USA